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About Madesa

Can I buy directly from Madesa?

Madesa furniture is sold in stores. We do not sell directly to end consumers, only to stores. Click here to see where to find us.

Where can I buy?

Madesa furniture is sold in physical and online stores. Click here to see where to find us.

How long does delivery take?

Madesa furniture is sold in physical and online stores. Each of them has their own delivery deadline. Click here to see where you can find our products.

I want to sell Madesa products. How can I?

To register with the intention of becoming a Madesa retailer, contact us by completing the Contact Us form expressing your interest and requesting more information in the Message field.

Is Madesa sold online?

Madesa furniture is sold in physical and online stores. Click here to see where to find us.

What is protective varnish?

It is a Madesa finish using pure polyester that offers 7 layers of protection against alcohol, water and heat. It is unique in its category.

What type of wood is used in Madesa furniture?

A combination of transformed wood in uniform particle or fibers that are glued together using a synthetic resin and the application of heat and pressure. The strong and compacted panels of wood that result from this process is called 'processed wood' This material is ecologically friendly.

Can I receive a Madesa catalogue?

Most of our products can be found on our website. If you're looking for a special product, send us an e-mail and we will happily reply.

Assembly Tips

What tools are necessary for assembly?

In most cases a Phillips-head screw driver and hammer are sufficient. The assembly instructions that accompany the furniture describe all the tools necessary. Should an electric screwdriver be necessary, take care not to strip the thread or go too deep.

Why should the back of the furniture be secured?

The back of your furniture should be securely attached and secured. This provide stability to the item and its frame. This is also indispensable to the correct operation of doors and drawers..

How should I level my furniture?

As soon as your piece of furniture is in the definitive position, ensure that it is level. When placing heavy objects on it, like a TV or computer, check the level once again.

How can I change the position of my furniture?

Do not move your furniture before removing the internal shelves. Close the drawers and doors before moving it. Lift the piece - and pushing or dragging it may bend or break the legs.

Care for your Furniture

How can I keep my furniture looking new?

By following these recommendations you can mantain your furniture so that it will enhance your home as beautifully in the future as it does today:
1. Protect it from direct sunlight.
2. Avoid placing it near heat or air-conditioning outlets.
3. Do not place it in humid areas and avoid exposure to the elements.
4. Avoid sharp/pointed objects on its surfaces.
5. To move the piece from one place to another, lift and carry. Avoid pushing or dragging.
6. Keep the item level to ensure correct operation of doors and drawers.
7. Secure the back of the piece, paying attention to the position of the frame and using the correct number of nails.
8. Do not stand on chair seats.
9. Don't tilt backwards on chairs.
10. Avoid using the chair cross sections as supports for the feet.
11. Periodically tight the screws.

How do I clean the furniture?

- Use a clean, slightly damp cloth and then dry the surface afterwards.
- Do not use chemical or abrasive products for cleaning.
- Recomendamos polir seu móvel com lustra-móveis duas a três vezes por ano.

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