“Do you know the good feeling of feeling cozy at home? That's the reason why we exist. To bring more life and love into people's homes.”

Madesa is defined by our passion and dedication to produce our furniture and attend to our customers' needs. Our mission is to bring joy to people’s daily lives. For this we create, design, manufacture and sell furniture with high quality.

Madesa is recognized in the market as a reference for quality, service, and innovation. Our history begins in 1977 as an industry and today we can provide a complete experience. We are responsible for the entire production process, from design to product delivery.

“Past, present and future come together in our history. We constantly reinforce our commitment to everyone who is part of our history.”

The Aldo Cini Museum preserves the life memories of our founder, the history and tradition of the Cini family in the furniture market. This history is registered in the book “A life to entrepreneurship” which reinforces the values followed until today and the passion in everything we do.

The Madesa Design Center applies knowledge and innovation in the furniture manufacturing, enabling constant improvement, which is in Madesa’s DNA.

“Being at home is to love the place where we live. This relationship of belonging has strength. Our city, our neighborhood, our home. Our identity.”

Every day we revitalize our essence, principles and values. Since the first day Madesa’s vision has always been focused on delighting customers. An entrepreneurial journey that discovered in business an opportunity to change the community and people's lives.

We want to make a difference by acting with responsibility. Madesa also supports social projects and actions for the qualification of young people and our region's development.

Madesa’s principles respect and care about the environment through the planting of native trees, the use of renewable energies, reduction of gas emissions and adopting continuous recycling practices.

“Home is affection. Each one who works at Madesa, makes with this love in mind”

The secret to delivering quality furniture is to work with these 5 core values: passion, simplicity, collaboration, sustainability and trust. Over the years we have seen many people's lives changing with our business and that makes us proud. To be a source of development for our employees, their families, and building a team which believes in their work is our foundation and makes us better every single day.

“Being at home is to admire what is ours. A place that tells so much about ourselves, a new furniture that portrays an achievement of life. We want you to be proud of your home as much as we are of ours. This passion connects us to your story.”

Behind these images, there is a life story, a dream come true and the wish to share these moments with us. We understand that the purpose of Madesa is more than manufacturing products, we are part of making dreams and achievements come true.

Madesa. Love your home.

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