Plan your Furniture

These step by step instructions are here to help you choose the furniture of your dreams.

1. How to measure and plan your Kitchen

How to measure and plan your Kitchen

You will need paper, a pen/pencil and a measuring tape

A - Start by measuring the width of the walls, from the corners to the doors and floor to ceiling. Measure in centimeters (cm).

B - Measure the size of all windows and the distance from the floor and ceiling. Don't forget to note the space the windows and doors need to open.

C - Next, identify the location of all the sockets, marking, if necessary, where new switches will be installed.

D - At the end, mark the position of gas, water and drainage outlets. If you're planning to change the position of any of these points, mark the new location.

Note: Remember that the faucet always needs to be positioned above the sink.

2. Dream and Plan: gather the information and ideas and plan your Perfect Kitchen

Dream and Plan: gather the information and ideas and plan your Perfect Kitchen

To distribute the space in your kitchen with maximum efficiency, plan the setting while considering the work flow among the main areas of activity – preparation, cooking and cleaning. This way, you can ensure comfortable and practical organization, and always find what you're looking for.

A good layout design will help you maximize the use of space in your kitchen. Here are some of the most common layouts when composing the ideal kitchen:

A few important tips must be kept in mind:

> Avoid placing the refrigerator next to the oven.

> If you have space enough, always prioritize leaving as much space as possible between cooking and cleaning areas.

> Follow recommendations by appliance manufacturers when positioning them so as not to jeopardize their operation.

> Consider extra space on the sides close to walls to allow the doors of the furniture t open correctly.

> Avoid placing drawers in corners, as opening them will block access to modules positioned alongside.


Linear Kitchen:

great for small kitchens. If you have space, you can include an isle for more storage space or a serving surface.


L-shaped Kitchen:

creates a good distribution of activity areas and offers loads of storage space.


U-shaped Kitchen:

ideal for larger cabinets. Allows more people to work simultaneously.


Parallel Kitchen:

the work space is set on opposing walls, making everything closer and easy to reach.

3. Place an order for your New Kitchen Madesa

Place an order for your New Kitchen Madesa

Purchasing is really easy. After defining the ideal layout for your kitchen, it's time to select the options on the website that best suits the proposal. We have images of ready kitchens and the description of modules used in each one.
Once you've defined the modules that are ideal for your kitchen, the next step is to visit the nearest store or make an online purchase.

At a physical store: note the module codes considering the color and number you wish to purchase.

Online store: mark the kitchen layout chosen or select the modules, paying careful attention to the colors and number of pieces.

4. How to assemble your New Kitchen Madesa

How to assemble your New Kitchen Madesa

You can assemble your kitchen using the Assembly Manual that comes with the product or by watching the videos available here.

If you feel unsure, contract an assembler.

A few basic tips:

>Ensure you have an ample area to conduct the assembly.

>Start by separating the packages, cabinet by cabinet, using the layout you developed as a base.

> Check that the electric and plumbing projects have been completed.

> Mark the whole new kitchen, cabinet by cabinet, at the height the hanging brackets will be installed. The standard measurement for the base is 820mm from the floor. Overhead cabinets must consider the standard height of those using the setting to ensure functionality and comfort.

> Start by securing the higher cabinets and then move on to the lower cabinets to ensure better access.

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